About Me


It was only when I was 24 that I realized I was completely in love with Nature.

After traveling and studying Visual Arts I worked on a farm in Somerset and was

constantly amazed and inspired by the ever-changing influence of the environment  that  surrounded me - the beauty, the bird calls, new flowers opening, seeds germinating, the wonder and the tickling of all my senses.

These experiences made me to want to explore nature further  and led me to work in a plant nursery where I learned all the basics and wonders of growing plants from seeds and  cuttings as well as learning the pleasures of handling the soft, aromatic, leathery, spiky leaves all day. I qualified with the RHS as a horticulturist and began working in gardens - planting, growing, pruning, clipping and generally sculpting Nature to create inspiring garden spaces.

During this time I began planting willows on the farm where I live and learned the art of basket weaving.  I grew  my own willows and each year harvested my materials.  Willow became my passion and I started creating shapes, spaces and structures using living as well as dry willow. I designed many gardens, worked on show grounds and was inspired by the amazement, respect, and joy of children when planting living willow in the winter, which then sprouted in to wild green leaved covered sculptures in school playgrounds. 


Myburgh Designs approached me to develop  large willow baskets to be part of beautiful, twisted steel swings. I would spend many a day weaving these baskets, hanging under the canopies of  beautiful trees.   Stevie, the creator of the swings, asked me to design a magical garden using plants and willows for their stand selling these amazing swings at The Chelsea Flower Show ...

Thus emerged my Mobile Garden!  

Every year I would carefully drive my plants to Chelsea, Hampton Court and Tatton Park to create wonderful, nature-inspired environments for people to enjoy relax and breathe -  to take a moment out of the busy Shows.

My creations and work became very popular and I was invited to decorate more and more events, including a garden for the performers on the Jazz Stage (now West Holts) at Glastonbury Festival which has since become a regular project.

I became Site Decorator for the Big Green Gathering and engaged a team of artists andyoung people for a week long workshop before the event.   We shared skills, ideas and made beautiful sculptures to decorate the site - mainly using natural materials, plants and my willow trees.

These gardens took on different themes each year and I began weaving willow trees adding in fresh or artificial foliage. This enabled me to create bigger and better gardens and weave taller and more striking trees.  My inspiration came from the majestic trees of Ancient Woodlands - I was always in awe of their shape and size, bent and twisted branches, arching, upright, textured trunks, their changing colours, leaves, seed pods, blossoms and flowers. 


My Woven Willow Trees were born!

One day I woke up and thought, 'All I want to do is weave trees!'  I wanted to capture their delight using willow, my knowledge of Nature, my unbounded creativity and in particular to feel that smile on my face when I see a beautiful shape silhouetted against the sky!

I have continued  to develop my trees and they can now be individually commissioned or hired to decorate indoor spaces  - to bring that magical, nature-filled feeling inside for weddings, parties, conferences, shop windows and displays.  I have made Wishing trees , Prayer trees, trees with woven lights through  them.They can be tailor-made to suit your own ideas including  theme, colour scheme, size and  budget.